My name is Codi. I live in Los Angeles, grew up in suburban New York, and I'm attempting to figure things out. One of the things I am trying to figure out is my relationship with the world around me. Namely, that of my body/soul/mind, whatever you wish to call it, to the earth, and the impacts we have on one another.

I am here because it has become clear to me that a key issue of the times is the urge to, and importance of, living sustainably. With what little I can do, I'd like to leave hardly a trace on the surface of this planet, while still reaping the benefits of all that it has to offer my body and mind. I'm here because I know I'm failing-- but I'm doing my best, and I'm quickly learning.

I found myself being drawn to nature at a very young age and went on to pursue my relationship with it in many ways-- I now possess a degree in both Earth and Environmental Science and Science in Society, and I'm a certified Master Gardener. But, within myself, I still find many contradictions between the relationship I'd like to have with nature, and my immersion in the world we humans have created. I'm happiest on mountaintops, but I'm addicted to the screen. I buy local organic fruits and vegetables, but I'm partial to honey buns. I drive a hybrid-- to the train station that I could easily walk to. There's so much available to us in this day and age that it's often hard to make the "right" decision.

I made this website because I'd like to make these choices easier-- for both myself and others. I am here to pass on what I've learned thus far as I continue my exploration. What follows is advice, rants, recipes, reviews, and musings on how to live a life that I find beautiful, sustainable, and full. I invite you to join me as I navigate the waters of attainable sustainability-- for the "average Joe (or Jane, or anything)", if you will.

Consider this blog the root of the journey towards becoming "in fine fettle", both mentally and physically.

Hire Me!

Would you like to create a garden, but don't know where to begin? Are you looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle? Plant looking unhappy and you can't figure out why? Need someone to write an article or blog post?

I'm here to help. I'm offering you my services as gardening and sustainability consultant, and will work with you to develop an outline that aligns with your goals, and your lifestyle.

Contact me at codi@rootandfettle.com for pricing and info. Initial consultation is free!