Be Back Soon!

As some of you may have noticed, I have been quite MIA for the past few months! Due to a whirlwind summer in New York City, R+F has been somewhat neglected, but there are lots of exciting ideas and experiences brewing and ready to share. The LA sun is calling, and with it, the return of R+F. All my love, Codi…

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For the Home

How to Compost when You Have a Tiny Apartment

Humans create a lot of waste. The incessant creation of garbage is a fact of human, and especially urban, life and begets the never-ending question of what to do with it all. Fewer and fewer of us feel comfortable…

For the Home Ornamental Gardening

Succulent Mistakes to Avoid

I love succulents! Who doesn’t these days? Just ask the folks at Bitches Love Succulents— these hardy little plants can thrive and add a bit of green in just about every environment– from your cubicle, to your kitchen counter, to…

For The Body Skin

The Multi-Tasking Mouthwash you should Own

About a month ago, I ordered my new favorite thing from Thrive Market. If you don’t know what Thrive is, it’s basically the lovechild of Amazon Prime and Costco, but only for ethically sourced, responsible, and healthy items! I buy all…

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For the Home Ornamental Gardening

DIY Gourd Vase

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting a woman Ruth at the Heritage Square Museum garden. She was thinking of starting her own vegetable garden and asked me to come over and get her started.…